Words in the World

Here is some copy in action and proof that I can spell. 


Guinness Cork Jazz Festival

People love the Jazz festival, but often don't buy their tickets until the last minute. Here I was asked to come up with a series of taglines that would get the people of Cork excited about the festival to encourage ticket sales. The lines appeared on buses, billboards, in print and bus stops around the city. 


My Taxi

My Taxi wanted to reward customers with an interactive campaign which challenged them to guess the famous Irish place names in exchange for prizes. The campaign had to be fun & playful and stay true to their colloquial tone of voice. 


KBC —Rugby All Ireland

KBC wanted to promote their Tap & Pay feature at the Rugby All Ireland, a time when people need to get back into their seats as fast as possible. 


Project Name

KBC gave us a brief for a campaign that encouraged customers to continue the hunt for their dream home during lockdown and to reassure them that it was still safe for them to buy with KBC. The concept 'Ready Steady Home' created a sense of momentum and security and was used for all of their virtual & digital mortgage activations in 2020.