The Graveyard of Good (?) Ideas

Those ideas that you liked more than the client.

Welcome to their final resting place. 


Coke Sleek Can

We were asked to announce the launch of the new Coke Sleek can in a way that was relevant to Irish Gen Zs. Playing into the idea that we love to tell stories in Ireland, we developed the idea of a virtual storytelling competition using the Graham Norton 'Big Red Chair' in key spots across Ireland. Another option used the tagline 'Stand Tall', appealing to Gen Z social activists and standing up for what you believe in. 


Heinz Beanz

The client did actually like this one but then the ingredients changed and so did the campaign. The idea was that Heinz used ingredients that made their sauce the sauciest sauce. This gave them a whole new & playful way to talk to the consumer.


Coke—Pride Festival

This idea was looking hopeful until Covid happened. It came from the insight that Pride festivals fall unevenly across Ireland. So, since the counties of Ireland have so much pride in their own county colours, why not redesign each county flag to incorporate the pride colours and help spread the festival across Ireland in a way that's more inclusive. 



This was an idea for GHD to help increase their relevancy amongst younger audiences and to represent more than just straighter hair. Our idea was to draw on the popularity and positivity of Ru Paul's Drag Race with an activation that would be run by wish-granting drag queen hair stylists.