Hello, I'm niamh.

Please, help yourself to some words that I've agonised over.

The Pleasantries
How I work
What I work on



I'm a freelance copywriter who is nice to work with.

I started out as a strategic planner, meaning I approach work differently— in a good way.

Before going freelance, I worked with countless brands across creative agencies in Dublin.

This means that I can write in any tone imaginable. This is good for brands but luckily doesn't translate into how I speak, as I said I'm nice to work with. 

I see research as a big part of every job I work on, no matter what scale.


My background in planning & strategy means that I always work until I find the market insight or the consumer truth that makes my work relevant.  

  •  Create insight-led concepts & multi-platform campaign ideas —creative but with strong strategic thinking.

  •  Social Media Content that makes you sound like a human.

  •  Website Copy— I’ll crack the tone, with no waffle.

  •  Blogs and articles- each one will have a distinct purpose, less internet clutter.

  •  Brand strategy; crafting a distinct tone of voice, positioning, mission and   vision.

What I love to work on...

I like my job a lot, and I like it even more when it helps to do some good.

With a strong belief that marketing can and should have a purpose, why not make work that helps make the world a little better? 

It makes it easier to sleep at night.


Get in contact for any of the above or if you'd like to sleep soundly (separately).